Hi guys!

We will organize a charity cup, ENTRY FREE!

17th of February 2019, Registration 09:00am.

In the sports hall of the
Am Mühlgewann 1
65933 Frankfurt am Main

What happens to the profits?
We will spend it to 100% to a Christian and Muslim non-profit organization, each 50%.

We want to take account of our social responsibility and conviction. Today, building bridges instead of splitting the society is more important than ever before. We have also won high-class politicians who will speak a few sentences to us.

4 fieldplayers + 1 goalkeeper
Duration of a match: 10 minutes
You can also register several teams, everyone is welcome! Participate, food and drinks available.

How old you have to be?
It doens‘t matter, juniors and seniors are all hardly welcome.

What do we need?
Team name:
Contact Person:
Telephone number or e-mail address (so that we can confirm your registration)

And the most important thing, GOOD LAUNCH!

So, see you soon !!!

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